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KLickr Buka Puasa in Melaka

KLickr Melaka Buka Puasa Trip 09

Last weekend me and 44 (or  more) Klickr members headed off to Melaka for the yearly annual buka puasa trip. I woke up late that day but somehow made it just in time to reach Jonker Walk at 5pm for a quick walk around the historic city. Jonker Walk is nothing new to me, but nonetheless its fun shooting around. Once again I only had my 50mm so there wasn’t much shots I could do – perhaps its time for me to get an all-round lens. Sigh.

We proceeded to break fast at Portuguese Settlement; it was delicious food for crazy cheap. For 17 of us, the total was RM335 – that’s like RM20 per person for Ikan Siakap, Ikan Pari, Ikan Jenahak, Sotong Goreng, Sayur Goreng Pedas and Devils Curry. Phew. After dinner, we proceeded back to Jonker for more street shooting and desserts (i.e wonderful cendol).

Anyway, here are the pictures!

KLickr Melaka Buka Puasa Trip 09


Jakarta Trip 2009

Jakarta 09 - I want. His Blackberry Bold that is.

Sorry of the absence guys. With Ramadhan around, it’s a lot on sleeping (lacking the energy) and going for berbuka (break fast) with friends. Over the weekend from 4th of September to 7th of September I took a sort-of last minute trip to Jakarta with friends, Syahrin and Mado. It was supposed to be a photo trip for me, but I wasn’t as inspired as I hoped to be. Probably it was because we were traveling most of the time with a car – yes. That’s probably it. I don’t have much to post here. Most of my other shots were taken with my Lomo LC-A loaded with an ISO 400 Fuji Neopan B&W film. So I need to get that developed first.

This is my third time in Jakarta. Its been an annual trip with Syahrin since 2007. Recall that last year I did a 10 day trip along with Mado & Syahrin to Jakarta-Yogjakarta-Bali. While most would say that there’s nothing much in Jakarta other than shopping, I had a great time hanging out with my buddies. Also the trip wouldn’t have been complete if not for Arwan’s & wifey who generously offered their place for us to stay at. Thank you Arwan & Sofia – looking forward to seeing you guys here early next year :)

Our first night was spent in Jakarta – it took us almost 2 hours to reach Arwan’s place. I really do not know how Jakartians deal with this sort of traffic every day. Its insane. By the time we arrived, there wasn’t much to do but have a delicious delayed berbuka at a local seafood eatery. The next day we started on early by making a move to Bandung at 9 am. I’ll dedicate a post on Bandung later as someone requested me to do a mini review of it. All I can say is, the boys bought tons of stuff from Jonas Photo (a heaven for photographers). As for me, all I got was a bunch of laces :P

Third day was spent around Jakarta. Again the traffic was insane. It took us more than hour to get into the parking lot at Plaza Ambassador. Note to Blackberry addicts; if you wanna get your Blackberry pimped up, this is the place! I got myself a Red housing for my Javelin – hehe. Nothing grand but at least now I’m different than the masses. Since we’re on the topic of Blackberry. Let me offer some tips on Blackberry services for your short stay in Jakarta.

I was using XL prepaid line and activated the daily BIS plan. Simple, just type ‘BB On’ and send it to 568. Your BIS should be up within 3 to 4 hours. The best thing is, the fees are deducted DAILY at only Rp5000. Thats like RM2 per day for BIS! While it is cheap, keep in mind that the connection was pretty slow on my Javelin (it was on GPRS most of the time instead of EDGE). Perhaps it’ll be faster if you have 3G.

If you’re willing to spend more, then get a prepaid line from Telekomsel which offers unlimited BIS service for Rp150,000. According to Syahrin, the line was pretty fast.

Ok. Guess that was a bit off topic but useful to travelers, I hope.

P/S: If you ever go to Plaza Indonesia, check out Pizza e Birra at the fifth floor. The chilli corne fries is to die for!

Jakarta 09

Jakarta 09

Rainy day with the Stonebay

Stonebay Shoot

What a rainy day it was in KL today. Tagged along Waa who had a shoot with the local indie band Stonebay at downtown KL – and I mean really downtown. I successfully drove there and back without getting lost! Hey. It’s an achievement ok? (Ok. I probably cheated a bit. Waa gave me precise directions on where to turn. Hehe) Before we could even start on the shoot, the rain came pouring down hard. Gosh. Think it was a good hour when the rain finally subsided. By then it was hello drenched jeans and hello migraine.

Didn’t stay long as I had another appointment which finally materialize after breaking fast. Me, Khairul and Helmi took the camera out to downtown KL (yes again) but this time it was BB walk and Jalan Alor area. I don’t think I’m much of a street shooter but I try nonetheless. I’m a shy gal… and well shooting on the streets takes guts don’t you think so?

I think I’m babbling. Sorry guys. I’ll try to be informative next time. Do ask questions if you have any. I’d be happy to answer them :) And to all Muslims, Selamat Berpuasa!

Stonebay Shoot
Stonebay Shoot

Night Shoot Out

Night Shoot Out