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Rock The World 9

Pesawat RTW9

Rock The World 9 ….. in rain. The event which was held at Bukit Jalil car park on Saturday, boxing day of 2009 featured 60 bands on 3 of its stages – Chill out stage, Indie stage and Main Stage. It rained as soon as I arrived – which was sometime about 2.30pm…and boy did it rain. It rained for the most part till 8pm and even causing a black out in the VIP tent at one point. The rain caused a delay resulting in a backlog of performances. The organisers solution? Each band could only perform 2 songs – initially it was 4 songs in 20 minutes (which is insanely rushing if you asked me..especially when you include set up time). Hmmm. I am disappointed. But who am I to compare my woes to the fans who came to the venue as early as 10am, get caught in the rain, waited up for their favorite band..and only to enjoy 2 songs. Sigh.

I’m dumping all the photos I’ve posted in facebook here. Sorry folks about the arrangement of the photos. There’s a bug with my wordpress that causes it to go haywire with galleries when there are more than 30 photos. Photos contain shots at the VIP tent and performances by Labrat, Pesawat, Joanna & Co, Couple, Stonebay, Yuna and Liyana Fizi.

Pesawat RTW9

Pesawat RTW9

Labrat RTW9

Yuna RTW9

Liyana Fizi RTW9

Couple RTW9

Stonebay RTW9

XFM One Drop Perfume Beach Party


Last Saturday I had the chance to attend XFM’s (in collaboration with One Drop perfume) beach party hosted at the Impiana Resort in Cherating Kuantan. Me and Lyn left KL approximately at 5pm and arrived at 8pm, right in the middle of Pop Shuvit’s set :( There goes my chance of snapping up some shots of them. Other than Pop Shuvit,  Stonebay, Altimet, Ana Raffali, Pesawat, Bunkface and Hujan performed as well to a relatively small crowd who came down to Cherating the night before in 2 busses. The weather was relatively hot for a location that was right next to the beach – it was probably because it rained heavily a few hours before. The rest of the night was good except for some stupid issue with the *cough* certain authorities *cough*.

I would like to personally thank Yaniz, Pop Shuvit’s manager for letting me crash in for the night – beats than having me to find another resort else where :) The next day we and the rest of the Pesawat crew left hotel some time around 2pm, drove up to Kemaman to have delicious Satar before making our way back to KL. Wish we had stayed longer, I would have loved to snapped some shots of the sunrise/sunset and play at the beach. Next time? Hopefully.

Enjoy the pictures. I especially love Stonebay’s set.. the lighting and the smoke was just perfect!

Oh by the way, my business cards are ready – yay! They’re rather tiny… just something I’m experimenting with. Maybe I should get one of my talented graphics designer friends to design it next time. Hehe



Homegrown Space – Stonebay, Couple, Yuna


Well, I’ve actually been to a few gigs after ramadhan month but nothing of worthy to post till this one. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve talked a lot about how I would enjoy music photography only if the lighting was right. I really really wish Laundry, The Curve reads this entry one fine day because they should really stop on the annoying blue/green/purple random lighting during performances. Seriously. I know you guys are trying to create the mood, but I can assure you that there are much better (and much photography worthy) ways. Hence the reason why I won’t be posting the photos of Pesawat’s performance at Laundry two weeks ago. The lighting was just bad bad. Maybe other photographers don’t really care but I surely do.

What I will post are photos from the Homegrown Space showcase last Friday at Bentley music, The Curve. This is their second round and they had bands Stonebay, Couple and pure-wholesome-goodness voiced Yuna. I’ve met Stonebay through a photoshoot which I assisted Azwaa about 2 months back but never really had the chance to listen to their music. So I thought, why not check it out? On top of that, I’ve missed listening to Yuna since I last saw her at Urbanscapes.

So what is Homegrown Space? This is a direct extract from their website,

The Homegrown Space is part of an on-going project to encourage undiscovered and budding talents to join the Homegrown movement to promote and grow the local art scene. It is a dedicated “space” for artists from all walks to nurture and showcase their art.

It is a way for the company, Homegrown, to give back to the community by providing a positive and conducive environment for performances and giving artists a platform to showcase what they can do and what they are about.

The setting of the performance was intimate; organizers placed a few bean bags around the tiny stage, a few chairs and one large sofa. The crowd was small too…well till it was Yuna’s turn to perform – that was kind of expected. That girl is MAJOR talent!