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Behind The Scenes: Hanneke

Sometimes I do wish I had a video cam to record the behind-the-scenes and share it with you guys. But for now, I guess having a friend to get some shots will do :) Thanks Mado for the pics! And once again thanks Jay for the studio!

Hannake - Behind The Scenes

6 Degrees – The Outtakes

This is part 3 in regards to my post on the 6 Degrees project. If you haven’t read the first two post, you can read them here and here.

Ok. At first I wanted to share my views on the project. However, after reading through the second post again, I’ve pretty much said what I wanted to say. Apart from networking, I’ve gain confidence in presenting myself to people. What I mean is, how often do you call a stranger and ask them for their permission to photograph them? How often do you meet a person, and then having to photograph them in their own bedroom almost immediately? Perhaps for other photographers this is not something new, but for me, it has become a means of improving myself. And perhaps through this project, I will finally gather the courage to do street photography – something which I had always wanted to do but never had the nerves to do it.

With that boring part out of the day, why not have a look at the outtakes from the project. Some of you may wonder, after viewing this, why I chose the selected photo over probably a better one. I guess my answer is that my choices are restricted to the photos which are sharp, intriguing and does not require much editing (lol). I personally would like to extend my gratitude to my friend Isma who was pretty involved in the thought-process and the flow of the project – think of her as my personal editor ;) Last but not least, a big big thanks to KLickr for giving me (and 11 other  photographers) the opportunity to participate in this project.

Once again, if you haven’t checked out the exhibition, you have till this Sunday, 4th of April. Do come by – visitors now have the chance of faving/commenting on their favorite photos through post-its which are provided. If you’re curious to see which photos that has garnered the most attention, well… guess you have to find that out yourself :P

The Outtakes (Minor color editing)