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Radio Fest 2009

Radio Fest - Bunkface-1

Ok. Ok. I’m pretty sure some of you are getting tired of the gig shots. I’ll promise a portraiture post for the next one – think male, oil and skin – hmmm! Something for the girls! So let me just make this quick. On 22 November I attended Radio Fest 2009, a joint host program by radio stations such as Hitz FM, Fly FM, XFM, Era and the such. It was held at Bulatan Bazarenaa Shah Alam which is really an open space surrounded by parking lot and the Shah Alam Melawati stadium. When we arrived it was drizzling, the crowd was so so (of course. with the rain and all) and Pesawat was in the middle of their sound checks. After 3 hours of killing time, the event finally kicked of at 4pm with Pesawat as the first band followed by other performers such as Bittersweet, Aizat & Bunkface. As usual, I always have a ball whenever Bunkface performs. Its something about their energy (and the lead vocalist good looks I guess). Heh.

Totally unrelated but bumped into Liyana (ex Estrella) during lunch time. Here’s her giving her sultry pose.

Liyana - Estrella

Kudux of Pesawat

Radio Fest - Pesawat-5

Sam of Bunkface

Radio Fest - Bunkface-2

Liyana Fizi at No Black Tie

Call it beginner’s luck but it was the first time for me to check out Time Out On The Up and it was excellent. As described by TimeOutKL’s website, “Time Out KL continues to open the stage to local indie acts for your listening pleasure.” Indeed it was a listening pleasure. I’m not being biased here (since Liyana performed) but the other acts such as Rhapsody were really good. It helps that No Black Tie, with its all-wooden interior and perhaps a skilled sound engineer produced sounds you wished you could bring home.

P/S: Waa makes an appearance too!

Liyana at NBT 09

Liyana at NBT 09
Liyana at NBT 09

Liyana at NBT 09

Liyana (Estrella) and Friends

On Tuesday night I found myself at a jamming studio, past midnight, filled with sounds of  good wholesome music. I’m blessed to be surrounded by musically-talented people.

While most of the time I would turn down an invitation to hang out past my bedtime on a weekday, I couldn’t help but think, “Hey, this is the best opportunity to recreate the mood/photos during the LabRats jamming session“. I had it pre-visualized – the photos will be in black and white because I’ll be shooting at high ISOs (1000, 1600). While most of the time I would shoot in color first before converting it to black and white, however in this situation, I know for a fact that the color version would not turn out nice due to the high noise. Just to prove myself that I was right, my first few shots were in color and boy they looked horrible – except for one photo which you will see below.