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Hunny Madu Raw

Inspired by Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce album cover. My model? The awesome Hunny Madu.

I LOVE it! Can you feel the rawness of the photo? And to think this was shot at the staircase of an apartment. 2 speedlights, 1 sb-600 for hair light and 1 sb-800 bounced on to a white umbrella.

Solemnization of Hunny Madu & Khairul


“Hunny Hunny…uh sugar sugar, you are Khairul’s candy girl…and you got Khairul wanting you!” Congratulations to my dear friend Hunny / Miss Strong who is now known as Mrs Strong :P The solemnization ceremony was held at Hunny’s parents place on her birthday, April 1 (no this was not an April Fool joke). As her friend and the official photographer, I proudly present the not-your-average shots from the joyous event. Most of these photos were also shown in the slideshow during her reception which was held 2 days later. You may find the slideshow below :)

There was something in the air on June 10 2009…

Because Hunny Madu, AJQ and Bo totally rocked gig at No Black Tie. Either there was something in the air, or it could be the wacky vibes from Hunny’s hairdo. Not much editing as most pictures were taken in B&W, and I’m loving the whole grainy mood effect it has. Not so sure if it jives with Hunny though – she apparently loves over-exposed pictures as how you will see in the profile shots below. I was pretty sure everyone enjoyed Hunny’s remixes of her songs, just as I did. They were different. They were fresh! Just as Hunny left at about midnight, Bo picked up the guitar and started a mini-show which consist of slow love songs, hilarious spontaneous songs and no-joke here, Chinese songs. Props to you Bo. Hella talented!

(God knows why the pics are bunched up together despite me placing a break line after each image.  -.- Will figured it out later)