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Ara Music Fest 2 / KL Bike Rally 2009


With the number of gigs I’m attending, I’m hitting with a few backlogs of pictures to be selected and edited. I still have pictures from Laundry session from last Thursday and the Thursday before that but I guess that can wait. For this gig, we return to the same venue where Search held its concert which is the Bukit Kiara Equestrian resort. (With the number of events held at the polo field, it will only be a matter of time before the members at the Bukit Kiara club strike back. I mean, the noise pollution and garbage from the events are just not good for the horses. I’ve stopped horse riding for 10 years but if I was spending RM20,000 per month on maintaining my horses, I would want it to be top-notch service, no?) Anyway. Side rant.

This gig was held as part of the Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally 2009 where (I assume) bikers from around the ASEAN countries (I remembered there was an Australian team – if I’m not mistaken) gather around to… err..parade their bikes? Anyway, I’m not much a fan of bikes even though dad did had one when I was growing up. I think it was a Gold Wing and Ducati. Ah good times. Anyway. The stream of bikes came in some time around 9pm when the rain halted. It’s been raining every afternoon in KL and for this day it was no exception. The rain began pouring at 5pm and thankfully stopped in time before the Indie bands started their show.

First impression of the stage: lighting was much much better than the Search concert. Sounded better too but according to the Pesawat boys, the monitors were a bit on the low side. There were two screens on each side of the stage where a video of bike rallies from other countries (most likely the States) were on replay. Here comes rant number two. So Beyonce was not allowed to perform 2 years back because she wore sexy clothes and it was derogatory to the Muslim image of the country. But here, in full view (or should I say sebesar alam), girls were clad in skimpy bikinis or butt-cut-out pants parading their assets on the video. I kid you not, the videos were very distracting.

Turn out was pretty small. Again, obviously due to the rain but it slowly picked up towards the end of the night. When me and the boys first arrived, I swore the ratio of photographers (i.e. those with a dSLR) was 5 to 1. *chuckles* There were no barriers set up in front of the stage so that made easier access for the photographers to get up-close to the performers. A good thing I guess if you have the crowd under control – which was not really a problem if the crowd is small. My intention was just to shoot Pesawat but I can’t help get hyped up by the energy of Incarnation – head-banging music almost always produce good photos.

Here ya go peeps!





Bo at No Black Tie – 14 Oct 2009

Bo at NBT Oct 2009

I could not recall when was the first time that I met Bo. Most likely during early days (of 2008) when Hunny Madu was performing with The Basics at Bangkok Jazz. I do remember however that The Sevens (which Bo is also a part of) took the opening act for one of Hunny’s performance. Hm.. Yes. That was probably the first time that I watched Bo perform with band.

His first solo act however was an impromptu one right after Hunny’s performance in No Black Tie. Most of the crowd had left. It was passed midnight, but the remaining people there were a group of Singaporeans who obviously had a wee bit too much to drink but nonetheless their happy spirit was entertaining. Bo went up the stage, took his guitar and started singing – randomly. Like seriously, you can’t get any random than this. Bo can diss about a woman (in mind you, swearing at the same time), and make it sound so romantic. I can’t post up the lyrics here because well.. let’s just keep this blog clean but if you do get a chance to watch Bo perform, you’d know what I mean.

So with that experience in mind, I made myself once again to No Black Tie last thursday. Got myself a good cup of hot green tea, had my beloved 50mm and shutter-clicked away.

Bo at NBT Oct 2009

Bo at NBT Oct 2009