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Nurul & Arshad

As how Nurul would say, “Oh my freak!”…Nurul FINALLY weds Arshad after 8 years of dating.
Fuhhh. Nurul Aiyn. Me love you!!!!

What?: Solemnization of Nurul & Arshad
When?: 1 October 2011

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Zarith Weds Ben

My Macbook Pro died on me last week :( Doubt I can afford one anytime soon… *sobs*.
All pics from my Instagram. Need to start thinking about how to watermark ‘em.

What?: Solemnization of Zarith & Ben
When?: 7 October 2011

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Day 36 – 05.02.11


“Don’t mess with me” look. She’s my senior in uni. She was also my colleague at my previous workplace. And next she will be the wife of another of my close buddy.