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Radio Fest 2009

Radio Fest - Bunkface-1

Ok. Ok. I’m pretty sure some of you are getting tired of the gig shots. I’ll promise a portraiture post for the next one – think male, oil and skin – hmmm! Something for the girls! So let me just make this quick. On 22 November I attended Radio Fest 2009, a joint host program by radio stations such as Hitz FM, Fly FM, XFM, Era and the such. It was held at Bulatan Bazarenaa Shah Alam which is really an open space surrounded by parking lot and the Shah Alam Melawati stadium. When we arrived it was drizzling, the crowd was so so (of course. with the rain and all) and Pesawat was in the middle of their sound checks. After 3 hours of killing time, the event finally kicked of at 4pm with Pesawat as the first band followed by other performers such as Bittersweet, Aizat & Bunkface. As usual, I always have a ball whenever Bunkface performs. Its something about their energy (and the lead vocalist good looks I guess). Heh.

Totally unrelated but bumped into Liyana (ex Estrella) during lunch time. Here’s her giving her sultry pose.

Liyana - Estrella

Kudux of Pesawat

Radio Fest - Pesawat-5

Sam of Bunkface

Radio Fest - Bunkface-2

XFM One Drop Perfume Beach Party


Last Saturday I had the chance to attend XFM’s (in collaboration with One Drop perfume) beach party hosted at the Impiana Resort in Cherating Kuantan. Me and Lyn left KL approximately at 5pm and arrived at 8pm, right in the middle of Pop Shuvit’s set :( There goes my chance of snapping up some shots of them. Other than Pop Shuvit, ┬áStonebay, Altimet, Ana Raffali, Pesawat, Bunkface and Hujan performed as well to a relatively small crowd who came down to Cherating the night before in 2 busses. The weather was relatively hot for a location that was right next to the beach – it was probably because it rained heavily a few hours before. The rest of the night was good except for some stupid issue with the *cough* certain authorities *cough*.

I would like to personally thank Yaniz, Pop Shuvit’s manager for letting me crash in for the night – beats than having me to find another resort else where :) The next day we and the rest of the Pesawat crew left hotel some time around 2pm, drove up to Kemaman to have delicious Satar before making our way back to KL. Wish we had stayed longer, I would have loved to snapped some shots of the sunrise/sunset and play at the beach. Next time? Hopefully.

Enjoy the pictures. I especially love Stonebay’s set.. the lighting and the smoke was just perfect!

Oh by the way, my business cards are ready – yay! They’re rather tiny… just something I’m experimenting with. Maybe I should get one of my talented graphics designer friends to design it next time. Hehe



Laundry 221009 – Bunkface


I found the cure for dealing with bad lighting at Laundry! However, it involves the ‘cooperation’ of the performers though. I discovered this last week when I shot Bunkface during the usual Thursday night showcase. Throughout most part of the performance, the vocalist (smartly) placed himself right in the middle of the spotlight. Now this spotlight is continuos; what I mean is the light is fixed – does not flicker or change color.

Of course it also helps that the vocalist is an eye-candy. Oh my, I didn’t just type that did I? Gonna get whacked by the boys for this.