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Oh baby baby

Adriana & Arfaz

Diptychs. 2 diptychs. One of Aly and one of Adriana. Aly is pictured with her 6-month old son while Adriana is pictured with her 19-month old son.

Oh baby!

Aqiqah – Nuh


When Maz informed me that she wanted photos of her baby, Nuh and her during the aqiqah, I was excited. I almost brought over a basket to use as prop but thank god I didn’t as the baby was a healthy 9-kg (seriously) 6 month old baby.  I arrived about an hour before the event so that I could snap some shot of Nuh sleeping. Nuh was indeed sleeping on the bed and face down. He was positioned somewhat rather towards the corner of the wall. There were some funny moments when I tried my best to squeeze in between the only availbale space between Nuh and the wall and attempted shots while lying down sideways. Lol.

Nuh was such a good boy. When he woke up, he did not cry nor make a sound. Yet flap his hands and kick his legs as if to announce, “I’m awake mummy!”. And boy… does he kick a lot. For 9-kg, his kick was pretty strong too. Dressed in his baju melayu I continued to take shots of him as mummy entertained him with his toys. In the mean time, the Aqiqah ceremony had began in the living room but me, Maz and Nuh stayed in the room till it was time for Nuh to be introduced to the guest by the father. Think of it as a cotillion for little babies.

About few hours later, we returned to the room to feed Nuh – he was turning all red and angry – ie signal for food please! Maz placed him in this cute baby chair made out of rubber (sorry, I have no idea what’s its called but you’ll see it in the pictures) and started feeding him. While feeding him, came the elder cousins into the room. One 8-year-old boy started asking questions..

B: Why is Nuh so fat?
Maz: Nuh is just baby. All babies are like this.
B: No. I wasn’t this fat when I was small.
B: Is he circumsized yet? If not, he will be when he turns 8.
Maz: So why at 8? Why not 3 or 5?
B:  Because when you’re 8. You are more naughty and thus you will feel more pain. (then he continues to describe the experience). First you giggle giggle…and then…and then… OW!

*rolls on the floor laughing*

Kids are so smart these days.