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Day 11 – 11.01.11


First time my cousin holds a dSLR and I think she nailed on the focusing. A picture of yours truly against the Chinese New Year decoration outside Pavilion, KL. And so happen that I was wearing red too… I swear I did not plan it!

Oh and yes. My first colored photo for The 365 project.

Happy twenty-eleven.


Happy New Year folks! Here’s to a good year ahead!

Don’t Believe In Everything That You See

I’m sorry, but you beautiful readers will have to endure yet another narcissistic post. Here are before and after pictures of the photos taken from Friday night while I was hanging out at Loco Studio. The first two pictures were shot by Jay while the last is shot by Kabir. All editing were done by me. (Guys, if I haven’t mention this, click the thumbnails for a larger view of the pictures).