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Yuna Loves Hana | Ena Photography

Yuna Loves Hana

If anyone follows Yuna closely, you will know that she’s a big fan of Maysaa, a fashion line from London. Well now, you KL people have access to the beautiful clothes which is designed by Hana Tajima. On Dec 13 2010, Maysaa introduced its line to the local event by organizing a fashion show as well as a mini performance by Yuna. While the line is mainly a fave of Hijab girls, it does not mean you can’t incorporate it into your style. Hana’s designs are basic pieces, flexible with great silhouette. My favorite piece from her line has to be the jersey maxi dress; now if only I’m as lanky as Yuna. Wishful thinking.

Host, Sarah looks stunning in Maysaa’s jersey dress.


Yuna & Hana Tajima.

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