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2010 September | Ena Photography

Monthly Archives: September 2010

Raja Nadia Sabrina aka Breen

Breen Weds

Nadia oh Nadia. You are married! See… I still call her Nadia while most of her friends calls her Breen. We were besties in primary school before she moved to CBN. She was the one who introduced me to Mariah Carey (who became my favorite singer of all time). Hehe. Good times. Belated post by the way.


Hunny Madu Raw

Inspired by Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce album cover. My model? The awesome Hunny Madu.

I LOVE it! Can you feel the rawness of the photo? And to think this was shot at the staircase of an apartment. 2 speedlights, 1 sb-600 for hair light and 1 sb-800 bounced on to a white umbrella.

Lab The Rat, I Know Music Video (The Making)


Did you guys have a great Raya? Some of my fav shots from yesterday’s recording of Lab The Rat’s music video for I Know (their debut single which will be out soon!).

Director: Rewan Ishak
Producer: Uzair Sawal

Production by Flux Visual Lab.