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Zas | Ena Photography


This took forever. Just recovered from a bad flu – well still recovering. In addition to the horrible sore throat, I just lost my voice today as well. It must be the heat in Kuala Lumpur; one second it’ll be raining every evening and the next its like a dry spell.

The photoshoot below was done for my friend (Zas’) portfolio. He’s done a few ads (both print and on screen) but has yet to prepare himself a proper portfolio. The photoshoot was done at a friend’s residence sometime around late noon and we had it wrapped up within 3 hours. 99% of the photos were shot in black and white. There were some colored but I wasn’t too fond of the lack of contrast.

In all shots we only used one flash – direct! Waa who assisted me with the lighting did all the set up while I told him specificly what I wanted. I love you Waa! Lol. Before you start to think otherwise, Waa is one of my close friend and he’s a talented photographer himself.

By the way, I do have a behind-the-scene video of this photoshoot. Syazman dropped by with his D90 so he did take some videos. I have yet to see him since the shoot though. Sigh. Will check if its post-worthy later.

Before you open the pictures below or scroll down may I remind you that there are a lot of skin in these photos. So if you’re not comfortable with such pictures, please do not proceed. :)

Zas 2


  1. ena pun boleh ape, ted????

  2. riak gile. haha