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Rock The World 9

Pesawat RTW9

Rock The World 9 ….. in rain. The event which was held at Bukit Jalil car park on Saturday, boxing day of 2009 featured 60 bands on 3 of its stages – Chill out stage, Indie stage and Main Stage. It rained as soon as I arrived – which was sometime about 2.30pm…and boy did it rain. It rained for the most part till 8pm and even causing a black out in the VIP tent at one point. The rain caused a delay resulting in a backlog of performances. The organisers solution? Each band could only perform 2 songs – initially it was 4 songs in 20 minutes (which is insanely rushing if you asked me..especially when you include set up time). Hmmm. I am disappointed. But who am I to compare my woes to the fans who came to the venue as early as 10am, get caught in the rain, waited up for their favorite band..and only to enjoy 2 songs. Sigh.

I’m dumping all the photos I’ve posted in facebook here. Sorry folks about the arrangement of the photos. There’s a bug with my wordpress that causes it to go haywire with galleries when there are more than 30 photos. Photos contain shots at the VIP tent and performances by Labrat, Pesawat, Joanna & Co, Couple, Stonebay, Yuna and Liyana Fizi.

Pesawat RTW9

Pesawat RTW9

Labrat RTW9

Yuna RTW9

Liyana Fizi RTW9

Couple RTW9

Stonebay RTW9

Video: Quick Beauty Editing

Aly - Quick Beauty Video

Quick post and first screen capture test. Here’s a video of the light beauty editing I did yesterday. Its an old old old…really ancient picture. It’s a picture from my first fun photoshoot session with my besties back in 2005. I wasn’t using a dSLR yet, hence the quality of the picture is a bit blergh. Not sure if you can really see the difference between the before and after since her skin is already almost-perfect. What I did was to remove any blemishes, soften the skin (cloning tool), remove highlights on her nose and cheeks, remove eyebags and a slight dodging and burning to bring out the contrast.


Resulting photo:

Aly - Quick Beauty Video


Zas 6

This took forever. Just recovered from a bad flu – well still recovering. In addition to the horrible sore throat, I just lost my voice today as well. It must be the heat in Kuala Lumpur; one second it’ll be raining every evening and the next its like a dry spell.

The photoshoot below was done for my friend (Zas’) portfolio. He’s done a few ads (both print and on screen) but has yet to prepare himself a proper portfolio. The photoshoot was done at a friend’s residence sometime around late noon and we had it wrapped up within 3 hours. 99% of the photos were shot in black and white. There were some colored but I wasn’t too fond of the lack of contrast.

In all shots we only used one flash – direct! Waa who assisted me with the lighting did all the set up while I told him specificly what I wanted. I love you Waa! Lol. Before you start to think otherwise, Waa is one of my close friend and he’s a talented photographer himself.

By the way, I do have a behind-the-scene video of this photoshoot. Syazman dropped by with his D90 so he did take some videos. I have yet to see him since the shoot though. Sigh. Will check if its post-worthy later.

Before you open the pictures below or scroll down may I remind you that there are a lot of skin in these photos. So if you’re not comfortable with such pictures, please do not proceed. :)

Zas 2