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Kukubesi – The Manipulator

Kukubesi - The Manipulator

On Saturday I had the chance to join a gathering between two photography groups – Kukubesi and Chot Touch. Kukubesi is local photographer, well known for his surreal almost paint-like editing on his photos. Dark and surreal would be the two adjectives that I would associate his pictures to. He is also popular for his manipulating skills which is totally amazing. Manipulation of photos is not the same as retouching. Manipulation requires a whole lot more effort and patience – think of zooming a picture at 100% and working a section at a time of a photo. Chot Touch on the other hand is popular local candid photographer. I came to discover his work when I was notified by a friend that a picture of my best-friend was inside Flickr. Like me, his main gun is a 50mm yet he uses it on the street – taking shots of strangers. That dude has balls yo! Haha.

While I didn’t get the chance to socialize with the group as I intended to, I had the chance to capture a few portraits and the one I’m most honored of, the portrait of Kukubesi himself. The gathering was held at Sg. Congkak – a waterfall area in the woods so I know there will be a lot of mud. Hence I really wanted a subject that was willing to get dirty in the mud and I was thrilled that Kukubesi was up to the idea. Not only that, to make the portrait even more unique and different, I needed it to have some sort of action and Kukubesi came up with the idea of spurting out sand. Gosh. So yes.. indeed he put sand in his mouth and spat it out.. resulting in the portrait below. A whole lot more was captured with his camera and you can check out a shot edited by him at his website (its the first picture).

Editing wise. I wanted textures in the final picture. Textures, hard, gritty and extremely contrasted. Not many are fond with this type of editing but what do you think? I’m pretty happy with it.


Believe it or not the picture above was the first shot. We then tried numerous times to perhaps capture it with a better lighting but couldn’t came close to this one.

Kukubesi - The Manipulator


A few more of my favorites are in the gallery.

Studs; I Love

Celup - Studs - Ed Hardy

Before I post the pictures from the two weddings I assisted with yesterday, I think I shall first post the candid shots I took today during a casual hang out session. Nothing much to say except I’m absolutely in love with the whole studs fashion right now. Little did I realize my friend had this awesome jeans with studs on it and I just had to take a photo of it. Not to mention the friend was also dressed in head-to-toe in Ed Hardy so it somewhat became like an ad shot. How, I wish.


Celup - Studs - Ed Hardy

Faisal - Ed Hardy

Celup - Studs - Ed Hardy

XFM One Drop Perfume Beach Party


Last Saturday I had the chance to attend XFM’s (in collaboration with One Drop perfume) beach party hosted at the Impiana Resort in Cherating Kuantan. Me and Lyn left KL approximately at 5pm and arrived at 8pm, right in the middle of Pop Shuvit’s set :( There goes my chance of snapping up some shots of them. Other than Pop Shuvit, ┬áStonebay, Altimet, Ana Raffali, Pesawat, Bunkface and Hujan performed as well to a relatively small crowd who came down to Cherating the night before in 2 busses. The weather was relatively hot for a location that was right next to the beach – it was probably because it rained heavily a few hours before. The rest of the night was good except for some stupid issue with the *cough* certain authorities *cough*.

I would like to personally thank Yaniz, Pop Shuvit’s manager for letting me crash in for the night – beats than having me to find another resort else where :) The next day we and the rest of the Pesawat crew left hotel some time around 2pm, drove up to Kemaman to have delicious Satar before making our way back to KL. Wish we had stayed longer, I would have loved to snapped some shots of the sunrise/sunset and play at the beach. Next time? Hopefully.

Enjoy the pictures. I especially love Stonebay’s set.. the lighting and the smoke was just perfect!

Oh by the way, my business cards are ready – yay! They’re rather tiny… just something I’m experimenting with. Maybe I should get one of my talented graphics designer friends to design it next time. Hehe