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Homegrown Space – Stonebay, Couple, Yuna | Ena Photography

Homegrown Space – Stonebay, Couple, Yuna

Well, I’ve actually been to a few gigs after ramadhan month but nothing of worthy to post till this one. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve talked a lot about how I would enjoy music photography only if the lighting was right. I really really wish Laundry, The Curve reads this entry one fine day because they should really stop on the annoying blue/green/purple random lighting during performances. Seriously. I know you guys are trying to create the mood, but I can assure you that there are much better (and much photography worthy) ways. Hence the reason why I won’t be posting the photos of Pesawat’s performance at Laundry two weeks ago. The lighting was just bad bad. Maybe other photographers don’t really care but I surely do.

What I will post are photos from the Homegrown Space showcase last Friday at Bentley music, The Curve. This is their second round and they had bands Stonebay, Couple and pure-wholesome-goodness voiced Yuna. I’ve met Stonebay through a photoshoot which I assisted Azwaa about 2 months back but never really had the chance to listen to their music. So I thought, why not check it out? On top of that, I’ve missed listening to Yuna since I last saw her at Urbanscapes.

So what is Homegrown Space? This is a direct extract from their website,

The Homegrown Space is part of an on-going project to encourage undiscovered and budding talents to join the Homegrown movement to promote and grow the local art scene. It is a dedicated “space” for artists from all walks to nurture and showcase their art.

It is a way for the company, Homegrown, to give back to the community by providing a positive and conducive environment for performances and giving artists a platform to showcase what they can do and what they are about.

The setting of the performance was intimate; organizers placed a few bean bags around the tiny stage, a few chairs and one large sofa. The crowd was small too…well till it was Yuna’s turn to perform – that was kind of expected. That girl is MAJOR talent!



  1. somebody’s got a new haircut..

  2. I absolutely love this set! Brilliant photos, as always, Ena :)

  3. Nora & 3Plus4: aish. I wish I knew what my viewers wanted. This photos are just so normal to me. :\ Glad you guys liked em nonetheless.

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