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Deeparaya Turned Impromptu Maternity Shoot | Ena Photography

Deeparaya Turned Impromptu Maternity Shoot

How was your Deepavali celebration? As for me it was a night spent with the girls at Fairuza’s (or fondly known as Pai) house where she hosted a Deepa-raya open house. Before we arrived, I was informed that Pai makes the most wicked chicken rice ever so I was disappointed that when we arrived, there were barely any left. But fret not! Pai quickly informed us that she was cooking up more. In the meantime, there were a bit left so I did manage to savour a plate (and a bit of some rojak).

As we were chatting away, I was surprised by the arrival of a friend, Zura (who I last saw on her wedding day) as well as her maiden of honor, Khariah (also whom I haven’t seen in a long time). It was excruciating to see them – Zura was 5 months pregnant and Khariah looked like her 9 months belly was gonna pop any moment. After my second plate of chicken rice (hehe), I quickly convinced Khariah to take some shots of her belly – hey, better have some pictures of your first pregnancy than nothing at all. This led to the photos below – very impromptu. Lighting from the flash bounced towards the ceiling and that’s it.

It might be cliche but I still like them nonetheless. Hope Khariah loves them too! I did my best to de-bloat her fingers; I never knew pregnancy could have led to so much of water retention – her fingers and feet were swollen!

Khariah - Maternity

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