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Bo at No Black Tie – 14 Oct 2009 | Ena Photography

Bo at No Black Tie – 14 Oct 2009

I could not recall when was the first time that I met Bo. Most likely during early days (of 2008) when Hunny Madu was performing with The Basics at Bangkok Jazz. I do remember however that The Sevens (which Bo is also a part of) took the opening act for one of Hunny’s performance. Hm.. Yes. That was probably the first time that I watched Bo perform with band.

His first solo act however was an impromptu one right after Hunny’s performance in No Black Tie. Most of the crowd had left. It was passed midnight, but the remaining people there were a group of Singaporeans who obviously had a wee bit too much to drink but nonetheless their happy spirit was entertaining. Bo went up the stage, took his guitar and started singing – randomly. Like seriously, you can’t get any random than this. Bo can diss about a woman (in mind you, swearing at the same time), and make it sound so romantic. I can’t post up the lyrics here because well.. let’s just keep this blog clean but if you do get a chance to watch Bo perform, you’d know what I mean.

So with that experience in mind, I made myself once again to No Black Tie last thursday. Got myself a good cup of hot green tea, had my beloved 50mm and shutter-clicked away.

Bo at NBT Oct 2009

Bo at NBT Oct 2009

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