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Beginning November 2009… | Ena Photography

Beginning November 2009…

First and foremost I know I’ve been way behind time with my blogging. Well folks, hopefully (and insyaAllah) this will improve coming November 2009. I have an announcement to make. Drum rolls please.



Beginning November 2009, I’ll be turning into a full time photographer/traveller/indie-music supporter. What this means? This means that you can hire me as your photographer on weekdays too and yes I will we doing weddings if requested :) I have to admit that I have been juggling with the idea for quite some time but never found the right timing to break the news to my employers. Secondly, I am not the type to let my team down and it was hard to pull myself away from the routine 9 to 5 job – we work as a team and I’ve been with my team for the past 2 years. I am now wiser, braver and much more approachable compared to myself when I was fresh out of uni. Working as a consultant also thought me valuable communication skills and written skills – sure you can learn those in uni but its not when you put it to real life situations do you realize how good or bad you are. Nonetheless, I believe the time has come for me to explore new opportunities and challenge myself to new scenarios. I am 25. I am single. I have no commitments. If this is not the time, then when will it be the time?

Thus the decision was made. November 1 2009 has been set. I am nervous but I’m sure as hell excited.

P/S: I want to personally thank my friends and clients who have supported me these past few years. The on-going encouragement and support is something I can’t possibly repay but my love goes to every single one of you.


  1. way to go!!
    look forward to all your full time photographing works =D
    im sure as heck they’d be mind blowing, not that it isnt already =)

  2. Hey Sue! Wow.. thanks for all your comments thusfar. You must be the most active reader (which is awesome in my books) :P

    And thank you so much! I hope to improve on the blogging to provide more information to the readers. *crosses fingers*

  3. Jaffrin Shahrom

    full time…
    wow…all the best..
    i know u can go all the way…
    wishing u gud luck!!!
    so now, no more stress…

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