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2009 September | Ena Photography

Monthly Archives: September 2009

Kelantan Raya 09


Another quick post. By the way, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!! Here are pictures taken with my P&S camera during my recent trip to kampung last weekend (25 t0 27 September). I was so in love with the skies!





KLickr Buka Puasa in Melaka

KLickr Melaka Buka Puasa Trip 09

Last weekend me and 44 (or  more) Klickr members headed off to Melaka for the yearly annual buka puasa trip. I woke up late that day but somehow made it just in time to reach Jonker Walk at 5pm for a quick walk around the historic city. Jonker Walk is nothing new to me, but nonetheless its fun shooting around. Once again I only had my 50mm so there wasn’t much shots I could do – perhaps its time for me to get an all-round lens. Sigh.

We proceeded to break fast at Portuguese Settlement; it was delicious food for crazy cheap. For 17 of us, the total was RM335 – that’s like RM20 per person for Ikan Siakap, Ikan Pari, Ikan Jenahak, Sotong Goreng, Sayur Goreng Pedas and Devils Curry. Phew. After dinner, we proceeded back to Jonker for more street shooting and desserts (i.e wonderful cendol).

Anyway, here are the pictures!

KLickr Melaka Buka Puasa Trip 09


Basking In Your Aura

Innocent-looking (not!) Mado sleeps..

It’s getting harder and harder for me to write. Wait. Maybe I should say I’m getting lazier at blogging. That’s doesn’t sound good. But at least I’m sharing some pictures right?

Last week I headed over to Syahrin’s place after work to chill out before buka time and took some shots with Mado’s cam. Couldn’t help it – the late afternoon light basking in was too hard for me too resist. Once again, it’s shot in monochrome – I hope I’m not boring you guys here.

Innocent-looking (not!) Mado sleeps..