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Search di Awan Biru Concert | Ena Photography

Search di Awan Biru Concert

What a long day it was. I arrived at the Bukit Kiara sometime around 3.30pm and lucky me, having Su & Hibat around, I manage to secure a parking spot inside the club vicinity itself (yay! thanks you guys!). While it was good that Pesawat was the first up in the line of the opening acts, I didn’t like the fact that any shots I took of them looked as if they were just practicing on some stage. Sorry guys :(

Much to my surprise, Mado came over to join the gang (yay! Didja know it was so hard to convince him to get out of the house to accompany me to the concert? Pft). Good thing was, we had some time to kill before the main show started at 9pm. After surveying the stage, we agreed that a wide-lens would be useful and hence we went all the way to Subang Jaya to borrow lens from our good friend, Mail. As you know, I only own a 50mm 1.4; Mado has his 17-55 but his entire gear is at the Nikon centre. So anyhow, we made it back at Kiara just in time for the show.

Not gonna blog much. Perhaps I’ll continue tomorrow…considering..oh my god. 5 am!

Let’s see. *puts on her thinking cap*

As a photographer, this is the first thing I would judge about a particular gig or concert. I’m not good at describing lighting but to me it was just normal. Yes, lighting was sufficient, but it was normal. It did not highlight the performers, it did not match up to the rock mood. I’m the type who likes to play with flares and back-lighting but I just couldn’t achieve it at this show. I was trying so hard to figure out how to get the lighting to work with my shots and I caught Amy’s eyes a few times when I was just staring up and looking blankly. Haha. Look at the shots below; the lighting was just everywhere (or what in malay we say bersepah). Best lighting I have to date was at a free (yes! free!) concert – Rockaway 2009. The lighting was just superb and enjoyed shooting the show tremendously.

Ok. I’m not qualified to review this part but all I can say is the sound is bad. Not bad… but again flat. It lacks…clarity…it lacks the oommmph.

I couldn’t feel the rock in the air. In my opinion, Amy could have interacted more with the audience. He also seem to have a troubled-look on his face through out the show. Probably he was worried a of a second power-trip. (Yep, there was a power trip in the middle of the second song)

If an audience had paid for ‘VIP’ tickets, they would have been greatly disappointed. If you’ve been to the polo field at the Bukit Kiara club, you would note where the grand stand is. Now imagine paying for ‘VIP’ tickets, but the stage is placed at the other opposite end of the field. You could bareeeeely see the performers. Actually I take that back, the performers looked like ants from that distance. I know that for a fact because I had to walk all the way to the back, in search of some drinks (drinks supply backstage was zilch except 2 flask of Austin Chase coffee which has been left out in the open since morning).

My purpose is not really to complain, but more of towards a reminder that there are so many things that the organizers can improve on.

Search Di Awan Biru

Search Di Awan Biru

Search di Awan Biru

  1. hey ena,

    These photos rock ! As do you :-)

    Here’s an Ultra-NooB question: You mentioned that you used a wide angle lens to take these.. but i was just wondering how do you get so damn close to the action if so ?

    Sorry for noobisme.

  2. Hey Hafiz. Thanks for the comments babe :)

    The only reason why I could use wide-angle in this situation is that because I know for a fact my distance between the stage and myself is very close; I had media passes (so as a whole bunch of other people but thats a different story :P ).

    Nonetheless, after using it, I still feel that I prefer my 50mm just because I enjoy shooting wide open (F1.8 – F2.8). The picture has more depth, and more feel it…. or else it’ll just be flat. That’s just my preference lah :)

  3. eleenaaaaaaaaaa…you’re killing me with those shots…argghhhhhhhhh !!!
    Superb beb !!

  4. arghhhhhh tension gue………

  5. OMG… speechless. From now on, you’re my sifu.

  6. Damn you Ena. I’m going to sell my camera now.

  7. no wayyyyyy! how did you get media passes??
    ahhh i want one tooooooo!

  8. Hey ena,

    I heard that you owned a D700 eh?

  9. Hey Kenny.

    Unfortunately no. I’m using a D300. I wish I had a full-frame though.

    Thanks for visiting the blog by the way! :)

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