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Rainy day with the Stonebay | Ena Photography

Rainy day with the Stonebay

What a rainy day it was in KL today. Tagged along Waa who had a shoot with the local indie band Stonebay at downtown KL – and I mean really downtown. I successfully drove there and back without getting lost! Hey. It’s an achievement ok? (Ok. I probably cheated a bit. Waa gave me precise directions on where to turn. Hehe) Before we could even start on the shoot, the rain came pouring down hard. Gosh. Think it was a good hour when the rain finally subsided. By then it was hello drenched jeans and hello migraine.

Didn’t stay long as I had another appointment which finally materialize after breaking fast. Me, Khairul and Helmi took the camera out to downtown KL (yes again) but this time it was BB walk and Jalan Alor area. I don’t think I’m much of a street shooter but I try nonetheless. I’m a shy gal… and well shooting on the streets takes guts don’t you think so?

I think I’m babbling. Sorry guys. I’ll try to be informative next time. Do ask questions if you have any. I’d be happy to answer them :) And to all Muslims, Selamat Berpuasa!

Stonebay Shoot
Stonebay Shoot

Night Shoot Out

Night Shoot Out

  1. ’tis a small world indeed.

    was randomly surfing and i found an old high school friend’s flickr which led me to this blog where i find photos khairul. hahahah.

    nice pics btw. :)

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