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2009 August | Ena Photography - Part 2

Monthly Archives: August 2009 - Page 2

Just Scream

I had this pre-visualize though the end-product did not exactly turn out they way I wanted it to. Should’ve place another light on the left side of the shot to give some definition in her hair.

Dominique - Shout

Liyana Fizi at No Black Tie

Call it beginner’s luck but it was the first time for me to check out Time Out On The Up and it was excellent. As described by TimeOutKL’s website, “Time Out KL continues to open the stage to local indie acts for your listening pleasure.” Indeed it was a listening pleasure. I’m not being biased here (since Liyana performed) but the other acts such as Rhapsody were really good. It helps that No Black Tie, with its all-wooden interior and perhaps a skilled sound engineer produced sounds you wished you could bring home.

P/S: Waa makes an appearance too!

Liyana at NBT 09

Liyana at NBT 09
Liyana at NBT 09

Liyana at NBT 09


“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Had a quick drop by at Kabir’s studio since Syahrin was there for a portrait session with his friend. Manage to grab a few shots. Nothing extraordinary, but enough to feed my desire for new materials.

I noticed my black and white photos have started to move from flat high contrast pictures to highly texturized contrasty pictures. Is that a good thing? Perhaps. It does brings out the blemishes and ‘flaws’ in a portrait, but I think thats raw beauty that should be emphasized.