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Of Silhouettes and Grains | Ena Photography

Of Silhouettes and Grains

This is way overdue. Sometimes you have a picture and you just have no idea how to post-process it. Do you get that sometimes? Its really annoying. Initially I had edited these silhouettes in black and white but there wasn’t any sense of depth and feel. I think its because generally, my black-and-whites are usually high contrast which doesn’t quite work in my silhouettes shots below. So here’s my attempt at something different; sephia and grain. When I first started photography, I hated grains/noise in my pictures. But after being exposed to film, grains are something so…so…delicious when the mood is right :P

*tilts head at the picture below* It is slightly crooked huh? Tough… blinds aren’t aligned with the side walls. And also, I think I wasn’t perpendicular to the windows.

Isma - Office

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