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More Film Play | Ena Photography

More Film Play

Ok. Either my modem/router is dead due to the heavy lightning this afternoon (crap) or Streamyx is down. I’m hoping its the latter as I do not want to spend yet another RM200 for a brand new router. It’s like a trend that reoccurs every 3 months. Sheesh. When will I learn?

So I guess I’ll just post a sneak preview instead (Well turns out the upload speed using my Blackberry as a modem isn’t so bad after all). Pictures were taken with Lomo LC-A – colors were not as goo-goo-ga-ga as the color slides I posted earlier but that’s expected. Nonetheless I still love the unexpectedness of shooting on film and the grain. Not to mention the blurred out shots.

Perhentian Island

  1. omg yuna!! :)

  2. sweeeet! you’ve got a new theme!
    nice one!

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