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D90 Video Test | Ena Photography

D90 Video Test

Had a chance to play around with a friend’s D90 on Monday night. And since I had another friend (Syazman) who just bought his D90 too, I decided to give it a quick test by having a short interview. Video on DSLR is all the craze right now. Dear Family & Friends, can I have a Canon 5DMarkII for Raya this year?

Totally unrelated to the above but I needed to post at least one photo to work with the new theme. Heh. My friend has pretty hands… though she complains it looks manly. Pft.


  1. Aaaaarrggghhh… I need to stop bobbing my head around like that hahaha!
    By the way, if I ever met a guy with hands like your friend’s… I’d worry (about myself).

  2. Video on DSLR is awesome! 7D is coming, I heard, it’ll be the same as 5D mkII but with a 12mp sensor and slightly slower burst mode. Wuhuuu…!!

  3. Dan dan. According to Vig. 7D is not a full frame though. I’ll make the switch only if it’s full frame and video yo!

    Tadi I had the chance to play with it (5DMII) again. Damn man… it’s killing me!

  4. Wahahaha. Man… those hands belong to Adlin :P

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