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Asia Photography Contest – People Category | Ena Photography

Asia Photography Contest – People Category

Despite the gloomy morning, an e-mail I received at the office today cheered up my day. I was informed by the Head of the Asia Pacific region of the company where I work at that I’ve won the Asia Photography Contest under the People category. Yay!

A few weeks ago and a day before the dateline of the contest, I brought my camera to the office and gathered around some of my pretty (and handsome) colleagues to snap a few pictures. What I had in mind were stock photos – clean, bright and minimal editing. I set my flash on wireless trigger, placed it about 10 feet away from the models, bounced it at the ceiling and tadaa…. sufficiently-exposed photos :)

So anyway, here’s the winning photo. You won’t see it anywhere else and this will be the last that I post this picture as it is now fully copyrighted under my employer. Nothing fancy, but its her eye-contact that I adore.

Asia Photography Contest - Best Photo in People Category

  1. congratulations !!!
    Kena open table la camnie ….. *lol*

    ** If i had the money, I am going for Hassleblad … *lol …..

  2. apa yang hang menang da..? tiket percutian ke miami untuk 7 hari 7 malam ka.?

  3. Canon Ixus 95 :) Or vouches of equivalent value on camera equiptment

  4. lol! That’s what all my colleagues say.. teruk betul.

    Hassie is wayyy wayyy out of my league as a freenlance photographer.

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