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Hanneke | Ena Photography


A huge thanks to the team involved that made this happen; Nik Erwan for his beautiful designs, Vee for his styling creativity, Aleng for the makeup, Jay for his direction and funny antics, Mado for the personal assistance and of course the talented model, Hanneke. This photoshoot wouldn’t have made it if for not the contributions of the people above – shooting fashion is NOT a one man’s job.

We took approximately 6 hours from start to finish. Not much time is spent on makeup as I thought it would be, just because Hanneke’s skin was gorgeous as it is. We love her freckles so much that it wasn’t necessary to cover them up. We went through 5 outfits, with the final outfit being shot outdoors instead of indoors. Of course I would prefer for the entire photoshoot to be outdoors, but with the time constraints of finding a location and plus the heat (and haze) in KL, it was more practical for the shoot to be in the studio instead.

Enjoy the pictures. I’ll keep on adding through out this week so do come back!

Update 1: Added the MJ-tribute photos! I also included a shot of lighting setup.

Update 2: Added the photos with the turban!

Update 3: And..finally…added the long dress photos :)





  1. Another outstanding set of photos. The more I look, the more jealous I get :-P

    Beyond my expectation. Way too good. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. i like the 3rd shot with her profile – awesome work!

  3. long live china-made strobes!

  4. i loike….! smashing!! keep it up!…

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