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2009 June | Ena Photography - Part 2

Monthly Archives: June 2009 - Page 2

D700 Studio Portraiture Test

Had a chance to try out the Rashdan’s D700 at Kabir’s studio. My models of the day would be two of my friends, Waa and Isma. Lighting setup is pretty simple. I’m always inclined to shoot with one light source due to getting used to just having just one umbrella during my portrait-shooting days in the States.


Waa and Isma

Once In A Blue Moon

Its one of those once in a blue moon things. Weddings. I mean me shooting weddings. I was not the official photographer (thank goodness) and so I was just snapping around to see perhaps.. just perhaps I may be inspired by it. End result? Not even close. Haha. It is so damn hard to avoid cliché shots.

Wedding - KB, Kelantan

Liyana (Estrella) and Friends

On Tuesday night I found myself at a jamming studio, past midnight, filled with sounds of  good wholesome music. I’m blessed to be surrounded by musically-talented people.

While most of the time I would turn down an invitation to hang out past my bedtime on a weekday, I couldn’t help but think, “Hey, this is the best opportunity to recreate the mood/photos during the LabRats jamming session“. I had it pre-visualized – the photos will be in black and white because I’ll be shooting at high ISOs (1000, 1600). While most of the time I would shoot in color first before converting it to black and white, however in this situation, I know for a fact that the color version would not turn out nice due to the high noise. Just to prove myself that I was right, my first few shots were in color and boy they looked horrible – except for one photo which you will see below.