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Once In A Blue Moon | Ena Photography

Once In A Blue Moon

Its one of those once in a blue moon things. Weddings. I mean me shooting weddings. I was not the official photographer (thank goodness) and so I was just snapping around to see perhaps.. just perhaps I may be inspired by it. End result? Not even close. Haha. It is so damn hard to avoid cliché shots.

Wedding - KB, Kelantan

  1. totally awesome stuff ena, I like the simplicity in the shots that you have taken…nice…

  2. Erk. Prakash. You’re suppose to agree with me and say malay weddings are uninspiring :P Thanks anyway :) However these are the only few shots that I had a bit of liking. Can’t really make a wedding album out of 8 photos now, can I? :)

  3. I know weddings arent ur cup of tea. I dont blame you. Weddings by nature are cliche. People expect cliched photos for the most part. I do wish our weddings weren’t so based on tradition sometimes. I’m sure my parents dont feel the same way though. And they’re the ones paying lol.

    I do like these photos though, very clean and theres a sense of kelembutan (lol) to them. Maybe its the colour tone.

    I like :)

  4. eh babe! she’s ur friend ker? my friend is the official photog. si mamat photoaura tuh. hahaha. eh i tot the wedding was in KB? u went all the way to kb ker? ke i yg tak baca the description.. heh.

  5. hey babe. She’s my relative… and yes I did go all to the way to Kelantan (kampung kat sane). :)

    Ah, yes.. small world huh?

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