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Liyana (Estrella) and Friends | Ena Photography

Liyana (Estrella) and Friends

On Tuesday night I found myself at a jamming studio, past midnight, filled with sounds of ¬†good wholesome music. I’m blessed to be surrounded by musically-talented people.

While most of the time I would turn down an invitation to hang out past my bedtime on a weekday, I couldn’t help but think, “Hey, this is the best opportunity to recreate the mood/photos during the LabRats jamming session“. I had it pre-visualized – the photos will be in black and white because I’ll be shooting at high ISOs (1000, 1600). While most of the time I would shoot in color first before converting it to black and white, however in this situation, I know for a fact that the color version would not turn out nice due to the high noise. Just to prove myself that I was right, my first few shots were in color and boy they looked horrible – except for one photo which you will see below.




  1. Hey Ena, loving these pictures (as usual rite ?). And gosh she’s cute.

    btw i just got my first SLR, a 40D, so maybe next time you shoot her i can come too ? :p

    Keep those photos coming ! Cheers!

  2. Whyyyy.. did you get a Canon??? :P Hehe.. kidding.

    Lets go for a photo outing on the streets one weekend. Its been a while since I took out my film camera.

  3. ooh i lovee these shots! and hey hun, i just linked you to my blog too :)

  4. thanks babe! I’ve linked back :)

  5. “Whyyyy.. did you get a Canon??”

    LOL. I know right… it was the only thing within my budget i liked. D90 was just out of reach :(

    “Lets go for a photo outing on the streets one weekend. Its been a while since I took out my film camera.”

    That would be awesome ! Looking forward to it :-)

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