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D700 Studio Portraiture Test | Ena Photography

D700 Studio Portraiture Test

Had a chance to try out the Rashdan’s D700 at Kabir’s studio. My models of the day would be two of my friends, Waa and Isma. Lighting setup is pretty simple. I’m always inclined to shoot with one light source due to getting used to just having just one umbrella during my portrait-shooting days in the States.


Waa and Isma

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  1. Nice la, Ena!! very intimate .. watch out ar Waa .. your mom’s watching .. ;p

  2. wahhaha. Dengar tu waa :P

    Thanks btw :)

  3. ena,
    gambar second tuh lelaki tkade feeling lahh.
    if he closed his eyes,
    i think it’ll look more passionate

  4. Lol , i second Bak’s comments. He seems a bit shy/awkward. Takut girlfriend/isteri marah kot ? Hehehe.

    I do like the lighting though. Really creates a nice mood.

    *cue Barry White music


  5. Kalau tak tutup mata tu… dah lain citer. I don’t want the pic to give a wrong impression. Its suppose to be look.. “I am happy”.. :)

  6. waahh waa nampak sungguh segak :)

  7. waa memang sentiasa segak. haha.

  8. which isma is this anyway? isma hanum?

  9. Hey Joey.

    No no. This is my friend, Isma. Not Isma Hanum.

  10. ooo i see. anyway I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! :D totally awesome. love love love your shots. inspiring! :)

  11. Thanks Joey! Are you a photographer too?

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