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Rockaway 2009 – Restraint, Love Me Butch, Pop Shuvit

This is the second and final part of the Rockaway 2009 post. As you can see, after Pesawat’s act, I switched to monochrome mode which I think fits the rock mood really well.






Rockaway 2009 – Pesawat

When I was first informed of the event just a few days ago, my thought was it would be held inside Urbanattic at CapSquare. I did not know it was a full-blown rock concert until just a few minutes before I left home for the event as I checked the live-feed that the organizers had on the Rockaway concert. So anyhow, me and Azri arrived at CapSquare around 6pm, just before the break started (the concert started as early as 1pm). While killing time before the show continues at 8pm, we scouted, had drinks and I told Azri how it’d be cool if I’m daring enough to approach the punk kids to take photos of them. I just love their fashion style – the piercing, the red/yellow jeans, the rock t-shirts. 7.30pm finally came and we positioned ourselves right in front of the stage. My thought is that if anything happens in the mosh pit, I’d be safe up at the front. Boy, I was wrong. As soon as the band Restraint started on their first song, the crowd went nuts. Azri wasn’t so lucky when a foot smacked him right in the head. Ouch :\ From then onwards, we just stood and shot the performance from the side of the pit. All in all, it was a great experience though I think that’ll be the last that I’ll ever be in a mosh pit. I got some 900 shots which I’ll put up in parts over the next few days. First up is the friend’s band, Pesawat. If you don’t know them, head over to youtube and search for ‘Pesawat Mirage’. Check out the videoclip – awesome deh!


Mado Doing The Afro

This photo of Mado has been sitting on my desktop for quite a while. Kept thinking something is missing but I can’t quite pin-point what it is. *sigh* Photo taken a few weeks back during a test shot for a friend’s portrait. Black background was achieved using black velvet cloth. Lighting; one sb-800 top right of the subject and if I’m not mistaken, one sb-600 on very minimal power to the left of the subject (to fill in some light to the right side of the face).