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Film Slides: Of Blurred Shots and Vignetting | Ena Photography

Film Slides: Of Blurred Shots and Vignetting

After almost 6 months of loading the film slides into my Lomo LC-A, I finally had the chance to have it develop. The sad news is that only 15 of the 36 exposures made it – I blame it on me. I recalled that I added new batteries only after using up almost half of the roll. The good news is that one, yes one, picture turned out really nice. I was shooting on ISO 100 Fujichrome Velvia which was given to me by a fellow photographer.  For you who are unfamiliar with film (in this digital age), film slides or reversal film is the opposite of negatives – when the fim is processed, you get transparencies. Think back the days when you had to do a presentation on slides at school. Now imagine a film, when develop, produces an image directly on such slides.

I don’t know much about film slides either but I do know they produce lovely lovely colors. So I was more than happy when my friend Fairuz gave me the film for a trial run with my Lomo LC-A. What I learned from this experience is that, at ISO 100, shoot only at bright bright daylight – unless of course you don’t mind blurred out shots which is what lomo is suppose to be all about – experiment! Secondly, note to self to check the batteries of the camera before I start on a new roll of film. :P

This is not my first batch of shots from my Lomo LC-A. This is probably the third batch since I bought the camera in 2007 ; so yes, time to put this baby to use. Other than the shots below, you can check out my film archive here

Note that the shots below have not been edited except for minor leveling. Pictures 1 to 9 are shots taken from my trip to Indonesia in October 2008 – you will see shots of the Borobudur Temple, Kuta Beach, the paddy fields at Ubud and Mount Agung – last 3 locations are in Bali. Pictures 10 to 13 are shots taken just a few weeks back when I was desperately finishing up the roll :P  




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