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M to the Madu at Bangkok Jazz | Ena Photography

M to the Madu at Bangkok Jazz

Hunny Madu, Bangkok Jazz, April 3 2009.

Hunny Bangkok Jazz 09

Coming Soon.

So it takes me to be sick and in bed to finally edit the photos. There are few more I but edited the ones I like best. I was fortunate to have Mado assisting me in this shoot – he gave a lot of suggestions in terms of the lighting. In most shots, we had 2 light sources; a flash mounted on to umbrella, and placed to the left of Hunny and another flash (dialed down to a few stops) pointed directly to Hunny from her right side. 

In the first shot above, I tried to emulate the exact same shot that I took of her 2 years back at the exact same spot – compare it with this photo.

Enjoy the rest!

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