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Isma Hanum – The Shoot That Never Was | Ena Photography

Isma Hanum – The Shoot That Never Was

This is the case of a certain stylist not showing up after me, the talent and the rest of the crew waited for what…3 hours? 4 hours? I was approached by Isma sometime last year to have her portfolio taken. After a lot of postponing due to conflicting schedules, we finally settled on a weekend in late January to have the photoshoot. Now, to cut it short. We canceled the shoot because the stylist did not turn up. Pft. I won’t mention who but I do appreciate at least a call or text message to say you can’t turn up because of an emergency right?

During the few hours of waiting, I decided to prep up Isma by warming her up in front of the camera. Below are a few of the selected shots, which I find tells a certain character about Isma. Oops. Forgot to mention that Isma is an budding actor. Hence the portfolio was intended to be headshots of her, depicting her and the character that she may portray.

Isma Hanum



So no photo shoot. What did we ended up doing? Me, Jay, Kabir, Isma and her friend ended up catching a movie at Cineleisure. lol

You can now catch Isma on Ghost Season 2 which airs on 8TV every Sunday at 10.30pm. If you missed the show, you can always head over to 8tv.com.my ;)

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