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Fotoinspirasi – The Super Mini Review | Ena Photography

Fotoinspirasi – The Super Mini Review

Fotoinspirasi was held today at Citadel Hotel, Mid Valley. To attend the seminar, participants are required to pay a sum of either RM350 (individual), RM250 (groups of 10 or more) or RM200 (students). Honestly, while I usually do not take heed of seminars, I was intrigued by the title ‘Fotoinspirasi’ (directly translated as ‘photo-inspire’) and one of the four photographers invited to be a presenter is a famous local fashion photographer. Inspired by photos I thought? Cool! A little inspiration won’t hurt right?

Here’s a very brief review of the seminar. Kindly be warned, if you are easily offended by difference in opinions, you should not read this article.

The seminar started precisely on schedule at 9 am with the Master of Ceremony (MC) welcoming the guest and introducing the VIPs. After a few speeches by a few VIPs, I was just as struck at how formal the seminar was – it felt as if I was back in school! I guess, my inexperience in attending seminars fooled me here – I thought this should be more like fun-knowledge-sharing session. Oh well, I just held back but cringe every time the  MC went “Sekarang Majlis menjemput so-and-so untuk memberi ucapan” or “Terima kasih kepada so-and-so kerana sudi meluangkan masa untuk memberi tips-tips kepada hadirin. Di harap bla bla….“. Do you get how formal it was?

Four photographers were invited as speakers for the day – names shall not be mentioned, you can google up the name of the seminar and should be able to find it – so anyway, they were; an advertising/commercial photographer, a photojournalist, a fashion photographer and a wedding photographer.

Just a few words, I intend to keep this short. I came to be inspired, but I went home informed. I came excited to meet new friends, I left with the same friends (I already knew). The seminar was, in my honest opinion, geared towards beginners (with an exception to the presentation by the fashion photographer) or photo-enthusiasts who are unfamiliar about the four disciplines – it was an overview; but inspirational? Perhaps to others, but not me.

What does it mean to be inspirational? Inspirational just makes you want to jump out of your seat, grab your camera, and go out shooting. How was I suppose to be inspirational if during the slideshow, the pictures were only described briefly or skimmed through. Now, I’ve attended two photo talks previously in which I was truly inspired – in both cases, all the presenter did was, talk about each and every photo from A to Z – from the thought process, then all the way to the moment they click the shutter.

Allow me to illustrate:


Now, I’ll say.. “In the picture above, I used a wide angle lens with natural lighting”.



*cricket sound*



What if I had said… “It was a very hot day when I took the picture above. I was back in Malaysia for Summer holidays and on that very day, I managed to drag Aly out for a photoshoot at 10 am. After about 30 minutes, I still hadn’t ‘got’ the shot – everything looks bland and normal. Due to the scorching sun, Aly decided to take a break under the shade of a tree which had a bench underneath it. Then a friend suggested a great idea, why not have her lying down on the bench with her eyes closed – she will get to ‘rest’ while I can continue shooting. So as Aly lay her head and starred up at me, I just instructed her to be just ignore the heat – forget about KL – forget about your problems. And…. *click* I snapped the picture. I used a wide angle lens at that time and no artificial lighting were used. As we were under the shade, the natural lighting was more than sufficient.”

So. Which one would you prefer? Which one will you be more inspired to try it out yourself? You be the judge.

Just before our tea-break, the MC said… “Saya harap hadirin dapat menggunakan masa minuman petang ini untuk bergaul mesra bersama VIP/jurugambar” (Translation: “I hope, attendees today will use the oppurtunity during out tea time to get to know with the VIPs or Photographer”). I perked up, well.. perhaps this is my chance to talk personally to the presenters (apparently despite my confidence, I discovered I had stage fright when I presented my question under the watchful eyes of the other 110 participants – haha). I stepped out and what do I see? The four presenters being surrounded by other VIPs. How am I suppose to “bergaul mesra” if they are nicely ‘tucked in’ among the VIPs? Walk up right to them and say, “Hey, so-and-so!”? Had I done that, I would have probably be kicked out for being rude. 

That being said, among the four presenters, I have to say that the fashion photographer presented his materials the best. A brief introduction of himself, his job and then straight into the slideshow of his photo. He knows his stuff, he knows how to explain, and his level of presentation is suitable from beginners, all the way up to an amateur or a professional. Universal, is the word. Oh and trust me I’m not being biased on this argument – it was only coincidental that my favorite style of photography is fashion too.

  1. Hey Ena,

    I would have liked to have mingled more tapi my knowledge in this field is so cetek that im like very takut of making a fool of myself asking some very stupid questions. And the whole thing was so formal yang somehow makes me feel kekok to just walk up to people and introduce myself (and make new friends like you said). And i totally get your point about the explanation, kalau they terangkan like fewer photos a little bit more detailed lagi bagus then a whole bunch of em tapi explain, “yang ni guna backlight ok ?”.

    Presenter rankings:
    1. Bustamam ( all around pro .. model didnt hurt either :) )
    2. Shamshahrin ( i think you might disagree with me here .. but i liked his presentation)
    3. Din ( okay la i thought, got to see how he does his job. Tapi rasa technically dia tak ajar sgt ?)
    4. Ikram (i like his pictures, tapi he really doesnt know how to present them.. which is very sayang la)

    Did i leave inspired ? Not really. But it taught me that there are so many things for me to learn and i guess that will have to do.

  2. Oh and love the new design :)

  3. yeah, you’re right. it’s very formal, n i thought i could ask them some question during break time.

  4. Thanks for your comments on FOTOINSPIRASI. We really need feedbacks from the participants. Honestly, from your point of view, how do you evaluate this seminar? 1-5 (1 is worst, 5 is best).

    If you care to give more comments, please feel free to e-mail me at hasnuddin@gmail.com Thanks.

  5. Aiyo Ena,
    Like I said at the beginning of my presentation laa,.. we are photographers, we are friends…. why u takut to approach me?… Aiyo!.. If I now you, surely I would approach you… I don’t care who you are, for me it’s always sembang kedai kopi…
    Next time, if you still remember me, come a talk laa… fren-fren why takut?

  6. Eh. Don’t get me wrong En Shamshahrin. Bukan I yang takut to approach. My statement is trying to say that, while the MC promoted us to talk to the speakers, the speakers are being surrounded by VIPs (as in not standing around freely to mix around with the attendees). I think, personally, its rude lah, if around VIPs tiba-tiba nak datang cakap. So yeah… bukan takut.. :P

  7. Ena,
    VIP also photogs whattt??? NVM laa.. next time we go for teh tarik..

    p/s: I pun segan jgk pasal semua pandang je… anyway, I’m glad that I made a few new frens among the participants.

  8. Teh tarik? Settle.

    Be sure to drag Zainal & Bazuki skali. Haven’t catch up with them in a longgg time.

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