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2009 March | Ena Photography - Part 2

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6 Degrees Project – Brief Overview

My apologies for neglecting the blog peeps. So many things has been going on especially with the KL Design Week coming up at the end of the month. As part of the exhibition, KL Flickr (KLickr) group will be displaying works from a few photographers based on the six degrees of seperation theory. So what does this theory says? 

Excerpt from wikipedia:


Six degrees of Separation (also referred to as the “Human Web”) refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is on average six steps away from each person on Earth. It was popularised by a play written by John Guare.


Thus, my task for this assignment is to take portraits of six different people beginning by person say, A. Then A will recommend someone he or she knows, i.e. B. B then recommends C and so forth till I end up with 6 people. Add a catch to that – the portraits have to be taken in 6 different location in Klang Valley. 

Phew. Sounds daunting huh given that I had only 2 weeks to work on it? But I’m actually pleased that I signed up myself for the assignment. Not only did I made new friends, I’ve also manage to prove that the theory is true! Cool huh? I’m not ready though to release the photos here just yet as I’m still working on getting the bio and comments from the 6 people. But it’ll definitely be up in the next few days.

In the meantime perhaps I could share some two not-so-common shots of mine from Hunny Madu’s first EP tour at Laundry, The Curve last Friday. P/S: Did Laundry just installed new stage lighting? I’m sorry to say this but it’s crap! You’ll either get blue-toned skin or just plained washed out aka white. Or then again it’s just me not getting the white balance right. 

HM_Laundry1 HM_Laundry2

AJQ Feat Anita Ibrahim at Bangkok Jazz

Migraine is getting the best of me. It’s getting so common that I have it almost every weekend. The doctor said it could be because of eyesight – wrong power. Well I’m not too sure, need to get it checked soon.  So migraine or no migraine, work is work. I braved through the rainy and congested Jalan Sultan Ismail to watch AJQ’s gig which featured the beautiful Anita Ibrahim.

I just had a quick recollection when I first met Anita back in June 2007. It was the very same night which I met Hunny again after so many years. *laughs* I remembered Anita & Hunny were having donuts from Big Apple at the Curve as I was showing them my business cards; or better known as Moo cards. (It’s a unique business card but I ran out of it :( ) Anyhow, just random thoughts there.

I had no idea Anita could sing till I saw some of her pictures from Adil’s facebook. And boy this girl can sing! I’m just going to share a few pictures here because honestly, I took over 600 photos that night. I’ve manage to shortlisted it to 300++ but most of it are repetitive. Adil’s going to have a hard time choosing his favorite shots later on because I’ll be giving him ALL the photos :P

AJQ and Anita 1 AJQ and Anita 2 AJQ and Anita 3 AJQ and Anita 4 AJQ and Anita 5 AJQ and Anita 6 AJQ and Anita 7 AJQ and Anita 8 AJQ and Anita 9

Ah yes, if you guys were wondering, yes, the attire for the night was sponsored by Ed Hardy. Check their store out in KLCC if you like anything that you see here.