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2009 Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta | Ena Photography

2009 Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

This weekend has been a rather relaxing weekend other than the usual weekend migraine. Saturday was spent walking in Central Market (CM) while stealing short glimpse at the crew who were shooting a movie nearby. I know I should had a camera with me but I fell asleep as early as 11pm on Friday night and I unintentionally had forgotten to charge the batteries. (Wow. And I don’t even sleep at 11pm on weekdays. Guess I was physically and emotionally tired from the whole week). 

Hmm. Ok. So back to the shooting scene at CM. I guess I lied a bit there. It was not short glimpse. I was pretty much there from 4pm till they wrapped up the scene around dusk. I was quite fascinated by the amount of preparation that needs to be done in order to shoot just a single 3-minute footage. The preparation could take as long as half-an-hour! (Yep.. I’m definitely sticking to photography) I was informed by my friend who was part of the crew that they’ve been at the locating since dawn. (Yep… definitely definitely sticking to photography as I starred at his super-tanned skin. LOL). Wait. Why is there so many “I was” in this paragraph? Haish. Moving on…. If you heard a loud explosion and you were around CM around 5.30/6pm on Saturday, then most likely it came from the filming location. No worries, it was part of carefully planned stunt scene – don’t ask me what it was though. I was crouching behind the camera with my ears closed when it happen. All I know is that the effect was suppose to be similar as a bazooka shot. Cool ey?

So anyhow, today was another day of outing but this time to other side of KL, i.e. Putrajaya. So with 3 hours of sleep (in contrast to the err..12 hour of sleep the previous night), I hopped on in the car with Matt and his wifey at 7.20 am. With Matt’s super driving skills (note the sarcasm here), we arrived at the location of 2009 Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta by 7.40am. Bangsar to Putrajaya in 20 mins! We were flying yo! We got there just in time for the organizers to open up the gates for a 30-minute photo op session which are specifically for *cough*photographers*cough only. According to the announcement, anyone with a dSLR is defined as a photographer. So you can imagine the number of “photographers” that was there including yours truly of course. I think there were about …. 100 photographers? No… perhaps more. Ohhh. And get this. dSLR are allowed but phone cameras are not. I’m still baffled by the statement. 

As I walked around the field, I unexpectedly bumped into 7 or 8 KLickr members there; so there were a few quick hello and goodbyes as each of us try to get our shot of the day. Personally I felt very lemas (what’s lemas in English?), I felt very annoyed with the number of photographers that were around. Everyone was trying to find a nice angle including me – but wherever you point the camera, you’ll see another lens in your frame! Bah. Here are a few of my shots.. my personal favorite is actually the very last shot.

Spot the peacock’s butt :P

  1. nice tone & capture!

  2. Haish… Most valuable event ni. I’ll set my schedule for next year!

  3. I like your layout. And, wah, you got my link, haha! Now you can expect me coming here often (if not once a month at least, hahaha ;-P )

  4. the clown and the balloon create a good contrast. very nice work

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