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Hunny Madu – EP Launch / Press Conference | Ena Photography

Hunny Madu – EP Launch / Press Conference

I’m too exhausted to write about it (KL’s heat is draining up my energy). Just my favorite shot of the day for now.

Well, I’m still exhausted and the heat in KL is getting unbearable. But if I don’t blog now, I’ll have a backlog of things to write about because I have a lot to shoot in the upcoming days. Even by today, I’m already set back since I had a shoot with a band just a few hours ago. Sigh, time waits for no man indeed!

Let’s get on with the story shall we! Just a bit of background to begin with. I first met Ms Hunny Madu way back when were kids – our dads used to be in this Superbike gangs where they often organize trips around Malaysia during the holidays. I couldn’t remember much about the childhood days and we pretty much grew up not knowing about each other till a fateful evening sometime in mid 2007. I was reintroduced back again to Hunny through her brother whom I somehow bumped into while in the States. Hunny mentioned that she needed a photographer for her first ever gig at Bangkok Jazz. In short, Bangkok Jazz was a success – I took some (still is) of the best shots of Hunny and about one and half years later, I still am what Hunny say as her Official Photographer. :)

18 February 2009 was the date Hunny picked as her official EP Launch date. The CDfeatures 4 songs, all written by Hunny herself. And I’m not saying this because I’m her friend, but if you want to hear a combination of hip hop and jazz, GET THE CD! (Just between you and I, I’m one of her biggest fan. Seriously!).

The evening started out with the arrival of the guests consisting of the media, family and close(est) friends. While the guest lingered around waiting to be ushered in, I surveyed the stage and the location. It was my first time at No Black Tie despite being a Jazz enthusiast – so I was pretty much in awe by the wooden walls that covered the entire interior. Hunny’s managers, Hibat and Suraya (who run Beaming Stars) did a great job of preparing and co-ordinating the entire event. There were the posters and banners of Hunny, there were those press packs and there were also those cute honey packets. Let me just talk about the posters a bit. Suraya did an amazing amazing job – not only it had a nice big picture of Hunny, but it also had a cute section to credit the ‘sponsors’. And guess what, ena photography is one of them! I was so excited about it! I did not have a logo (and I still don’t) but Su manage to create a simple yet effective one. Thanks Su!

Ok ok.. I think I need to cut this short, but in all, here’s what happen:

Hunny performs 2 songs. Media listens to a playback of her CD. Hunny performs 1 song. Q&A session with Hunny.

The evening was brought livelier by her own brother/Fly FM DJ/2008 Most Eligible Bachelor nominee, Mr Hafiz. Poor abe (as what he’s referred to by his family and friends) had to rush back in the afternoon traffic jam after the PC ended since he was scheduled to go on air.

All in all, I think the event was a success. My gratitude goes to Hunny for having me around through out her journey as a hip hop jazz performer. If I’m not her OP, I’m not sure where I would be at this point of time. Honestly, many of photo assignments that I’ve taken up are initiated through Hunny’s friends and family.

If you’re interested in purchasing the CD and watching Hunny perform live, the following is the schedule for the EP Launch tour set to kickoff end of this month at Laundry, The Curve:

27 Feb 2009 – EP Tour Launch @Laundry Bar, The Curve

13 March 2009 – An Acoustic Jam @ The Apartment, KLCC

3 April 2009 – EP Gig @ Bangkok Jazz

1 May 2009 – Tour Finale @ No Black Tie

Now on to the pictures!

Hunny-EPLaunch2 Hunny-EPLaunch3 Hunny-EPLaunch4 Hunny-EPLaunch5 Hunny-EPLaunch6 Hunny-EPLaunch7 Hunny-EPLaunch8 Hunny-EPLaunch9 Hunny-EPLaunch10 Hunny-EPLaunch11 Hunny-EPLaunch12 Hunny-EPLaunch13 Hunny-EPLaunch14

And my favorite shot of the day:

Hunny - EP Launch 1

  1. Hey Ena,

    Funny bumping into you yesterday. Sorry you couldnt stick around. I could see you were blardy tired. But in a way i appreciate you blogging and putting these up anyway all the more.

    Maybe its just me but why are some of the pictures here slightly pixellated ? In picture 8 for instance, the arms and cheek regions seem to have a slight blockish texture to them. Is that motion blur ?

  2. wah!here is Ena!Hunny’s OP..

    i love ur artwork since hunny’s picca in Bangkok…chantek!&very artistic!..=).
    Keep It up Ena..=)


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