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Hanging Out With The LABRAT | Ena Photography

Hanging Out With The LABRAT

Seems like I’m surrounded by music these days. Not that previously I wasn’t surrounded, but I’m talking about live, feel good music. Today, despite the rainy day, rush from work and traffic jam, I found myself seated in the Lab Rat Jamming Studio in Shah Alam. Now I don’t know much about these guys; all I know is I’ve met the vocalist a few times through Waa and that their band recently won Battle of The Band (plus a trip to London(!)). By the way, I hope I’m correct to say this but Lab Rat is the jamming studio, but LABRAT is the band. Ok? Clear? Good.

It was a good 2 hours of jamming for the guys. They were practising a song which is now stuck in my head. Waa, as close buddies as he is to me, still never fails to surprise me. I had no idea that he knew how to play the keyboard till today. Pft. What else do I not know Waa? He’s a bit rusted but with a few practice session, I think the keyboard will add some omph to the song.

And what did I do? Just listening, watching and snapping pictures. 50mm. F1.4. High ISO. Grainy, slightly blur but loving it!

Here are the pictures. Except for slight sharpening and vignetting, its raw aka unedited folks! I guess I just love the whole mood it gives.

dcs_6741 dcs_6742 dcs_6749 dcs_6767 dcs_6780 dcs_6787 dcs_6807 dcs_6813 dcs_6839 dcs_6847 dcs_6859 dcs_6866 dcs_6875 dcs_6883 dcs_6885 dcs_6888 dcs_6894 dcs_6902 dcs_6911 dcs_6939 dcs_6953 dcs_6958 dcs_6967 dcs_6968 dcs_6972 dcs_6981

You’ll note that the last few shots are brighter. Well that’s because I used a flash – hmm, think I prefer the one’s without flash. There’s something about the mood it gives.

Oh yeah, and lastly, if you need to find out more about the LABRAT, stop by at their Myspace page here.

  1. My goodness. The guy in red has awfully big ears!

  2. Jaffrin Shahrom

    Lab Rat studio shah alam???
    asal tak inform…
    my house is around there..
    i used to jam there back in the not so ol’ days…

  3. wah… i dunno that Waa juga artisan musik.. nak gak tgk Waa perform :)

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