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Friday Night | Ena Photography

Friday Night

What did you do on Friday night?

I was at Loco studio (thanks Kabir) not as the photographer but the model-wannabe.¬† Kabir wanted to test out his new lighting set and I came in full force bringing in two dresses and my make-up kit. :P Under Jay’s direction, it took quite a bit to get the lighting right. I guess that’s the problem that you’ll be faced with when you have the choice of 3 strobes¬† to play with – the power of each strobe, the position, etc. As for me, I had always been comfortable with just one-umbrella as my setup – simple and easy. It wasn’t until recently did I realize the power of an extra hair-light on a portrait. It gives that extra ooomph – like coffee with low-fat milk? Just nice to drink without the added calories? Gosh I’m bad at explaining.. especially when it is 5 in the morning.

Credits goes to Jay for the shot below.

Narcissism at its best.

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