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AJQ at Modestos | Ena Photography

AJQ at Modestos

As mentioned in the previous post, I was invited by Adil of Adil Johan Quartet (or known as AJQ) to take some photos of him and his band. Thanks to my experience of following Hunny around for gigs, I knew the lighting would be a problem as soon as I heard from Adil that the stage lights switches back and forth between red, green and blue. Quicktip; if you guys want to give music photography a shot, the best place, in my opinion is Bangkok Jazz at Chulan Square. Out of all the locations I covered during Hunny’s gig tour in 2007, I found that Bangkok Jazz had the best lighting – main performer will be in focus without the all weird colors. Perhaps some photographers wouldn’t mind this, but trust me, editing those pictures can be a pain the you-know-what.

Anyhow, me and Mado (oh yeah.. Mado was there too to accompany me) manage our way through AJQ’s second set without any mishaps. On Mado’s suggestion, we dragged the boys to the hallway behind the restaurant to get a few well-exposed profile pictures. D0n’t get me wrong but the stage was too dark for me to get any decent shots of the bassist, pianist or drummer! So this hallway actually leads up to the toilet and hence you will see them in some of the shots below :P

I’ve edited quite a bunch, here’s just a few.

AJQ-Mod1 AJQ-Mod2 AJQ-Mod3 AJQ-Mod4 AJQ-Mod5 AJQ-Mod6 AJQ-Mod7 AJQ-Mod8 AJQ-Mod9 AJQ-Mod10 AJQ-Mod11 AJQ-Mod12

I didn’t want to mess much with the colors. Just wanted it clean this time (this will make it easier should Adil would like to use the pictures on promotional posters) :)

  1. Wow I’ve got my name mentioned in ur blog hehe..anyway,thanks for the invitation and not to forget the drink too..thanks again.

  2. Hey Ena,

    Love ALL the pictures. My favourite being no.5 .

    The effect of lighting on the drums is very eye catching.

  3. This is way too cool Eleena! You’re improving by the day! I like them all. Well done.

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