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25 Random Things | Ena Photography

25 Random Things

Originally tagged by Jay in facebook. Decided to do it but with a twist;  10 random things about me with regards to photography and another 15 really random things about me which you may not know.

  1. I have only one lens in my gear; a 50mm F1.8 (though I just upgraded it to a F1.4 last week).
  2. My first camera, as a photo enthusiast is the Fujifilm S5600 (Oct 2005). It was later followed by a Nikon D70s (Aug 06) and Nikon D300 (Aug 08).
  3. I was shooting solely on RAW till I switched to the D300.
  4. I picked up most of my Photoshop skills by going through tutorials which I found in Google.
  5. I have a bad habit of purchasing photography/photoshop books only to “read” them by glancing through the photos. That being said, there are still a whole lot of books that I want to purchase. Hehe.
  6. As a student, my idol has always been Jay. Never knew or met him till I came back to KL. Funny, we’re good friends now.
  7. On my wedding day I want either Syahrin Aziz and/or Anna Rina as my photographer. Err, no hard feelings to anyone ok? For all you know my preference might change in the future. :)
  8. I edit my photos across 2 operating system, according to where I am at the point of editing. If I’m at home, I’ll be using my still-great-6-year-old PC. If I’m at the cafe having coffee, I’ll be using my almost-nak-mati Powerbook.
  9. I have a few film cameras which are collecting dust: A Polaroid One600, Olympus XA2, Lomo LCA, Holga 120 CFN and a faulty Lomo Supersampler.
  10. The first photo I sold is this picture for usd 450:

Guitar Hero - Kat

Now moving on to the non-photography related stuff…

  1. I’m a blackberry spokesperson. Not. I wish I was though. What I mean is; I can’t live without my blackberry. I answer almost all my e-mails through it and communicate with most of my friends through Yahoo Messenger (big save on phone bills. Seriously!).
  2. I bought a PS2 in 2006 only because I wanted to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with it. I later ‘expanded’ my games collection to include Guitar Hero and a Nintendo DS console (lol).
  3. I was a librarian in high school.
  4. I don’t have a favorite color.
  5. My favorite flowers are daisies. Once in a blue moon, I do buy myself a bouquet for a little mini pick-me-up.
  6. I do wear glasses. However it is (almost always) replaced by contact lens these days. My power is 250 on both eyes.
  7. I bring a sandwich to work everyday. It will either be a chicken sandwhich, tuna sandwich, egg sandwich or peanut butter.
  8. I began using the nick name Ena when I joined an internet chat room on Geocities back in 1997. Growing up, I was always known as Eleena to my friends. It was not until I came back from the States in 2007 did friends address me as Ena. On the other hand, with my college friends, I am known as Elle. Many times, I do find myself confused in introducing myself – especially when its not on photography-related circumstances.
  9. My favorite chocolate bar is Cadbury Flakes (which I can’t find it in KL or in the States!).
  10. I am terrified of cockroaches.
  11. My hair is actually curly. Stubborn curly. I now have it rebonded once every 4-months.
  12. I hate shopping. Most of the time I will only do my shopping when I really need something new for an event or celebration (i.e. Eid) and many times I will purchase the first thing that I like.
  13. I grew up in Sri Hartamas; my primary school was SK Bukit Damansara and my high school was SMK Seri Hartamas. I only moved to Ampang after completing my SPM.
  14. In the span of my 12 years in Sri Hartamas, I moved 3 times (around the Sri Hartamas neighbourhood). Since moving to Ampang in 2002, I have moved 4 times (on the same road!).
  15. I’ve only been in love once – I’ve been single since March 2003. I’m still searching ;)
  1. awww…terharu nyahhhh….muah muah..dude..u rawksss!!

  2. Hey Ena,

    Its been a while since we met. Cool blog you have here. Hope its not a private blog cos if so i guess i’d be intruding. And sorry if i am.

    I just wanted to say that i’m a fan of the pictures you take. Well.. at least the ones i’ve seen on facebook and flickr la. They’re ‘actuary’ the reason i’ve been reading up on photography and looking out for cheap DSLRs lately :)

    On a lighter note, i must say i cant believe there’s a girl who hates shopping. Lol. See ya around.

  3. Jay: Love ya too man. Gee that sounds gay.

    Hafiz: Hey! You’re right it’s been a longg time. I just manage to catch up with Azlan 2 weeks back. You should join us next time :)

    This is definitely not a personal blog. Well, I don’t intend to turn it into one.. (though I might slip in a bit or too about my life like I just did in this post. haha). So no worries there.

    I’m surprised you’ve been viewing my pictures. Pleasant surprise and I’m humbled. :) Cheap DSLRs? What’s your budget? Go with Nikon D90 if you can. It’s a good camera I hear. If not, a Nikon D60 perhaps?

    “…I can’t believe there’s a girl who hates shopping”
    Hang around with me.. and you know why I say I’m one of the guys ;)
    Cheers mate. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Ena rockkkk ..

  5. Hey Ena,

    I think i’ve narrowed it down to 2 entry-level models. The Nikon D60 or the Canon Eos 1000D. Which would you recommend ? I notice you’re a Nikon fan yourself.

  6. I’m biased Hafiz. Of course I’ll say Nikon for it’s true color tone of the skin. ;) Let me do some read up on both camera’s tonight and see which one is better.
    (I’ll do my best to be indifferent on the branding) :P

  7. Nikon badddd .. canon best .. :D

  8. Just had to tell ya…I actually saw Flakes being sold at Cold Storage Ikano. Bloody expensive though. Of course I get my supply from relatives coming and going from the UK. So I get those wholesale 48 piece box every couple of months. :-)

    And I too am terrified of cockroaches. Rats, lizards, snakes, whatever is fine. But cockroaches terrify me to the point that I once stopped in the middle of the road and got out of the car ‘cos there was a teeny cockroach in the car.

    BTW…Cool photos and cool blog…

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