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This is Ena Photography | Ena Photography

This is Ena Photography

It was a spur of the moment thing – the domain that is. While the friends were having dinner at TGI Fridays yesterday, I took the pleasure within the span of an hour to find myself a reliable webhost, registered and voila, enaphotography.com was born.

Of course the whole idea of my personal domain is not something new. I had always wanted a platform to display my work. No, I’m not forgetting about Flickr (which is a whole different story to be blogged about) but I needed a medium in which I can present my photos in professional and uncluttered way. In addition, the idea of blogging publicly again isĀ intriguing and exciting. Don’t expect anything extraordinary though – I’m not good when it comes creative writing but I do plan on sharing with you guys tips & tricks that I’ve picked up in the arena of photography.

I’ll try my best to update this as regularly as I can but there’s only so much I can do with a full-time job. I will begin with this blog while actively designing my portfolio which will be located at enaphotography.com when it is ready.

In the mean time, welcome to Ena Photography readers. Welcome to the life of an actuarial analyst with a passion in photography, computers, and anything .com related.

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  1. Cayalahhhhhhh!! Welcome to the club Ena! ;-)

  2. Enas rocks bangets blogs nyas kamus …

  3. hey ena.. its gud to know that you have your own dot com website. hope to see beautiful pictures from you. cayok makcik

  4. hey ena, yes welcome to the club and yes I have added u on my blogroll too, I cant wait to see your work featured here yea…

  5. Faris: Thanks Faris. I hope I can maintain this blog as how you maintain yours. Rajin gile you update yours k.

    Kabir: Kamu rocks juga dong. Nanti bisa bantu review ‘about me’ gwe yah.

    dangdungdeng & prakash: Thanks for dropping by mate! I’ll do my best to not let you guys down!

  6. Selamat Berkenalan, Mata pelik utk amik gambar, hehe

  7. Hi!!!

    I suka your photography style! You definitely have the eye. Unlike me.. gambar sume straight forward.

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